Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and protection from chemical Etching due to environmental impacts. Opti coat provides permanent protection for all factory paints and can also be applied to exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces. Opti-coat is not a wax or sealant like other products in the market. It is a ceramic clear coating very similar to factory type clear coats. A layer of opti coat measures approx. 2 microns in thickness, or about 100 times thicker than your typical wax or sealant, unlike paint protection sealants such as PTFE, Nano Sealants, GlassPlexin that degrade over time and are easily removed through washing with water or chemicals. Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint coating in use. It provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints and can also be used to protect metal and hard Plastic surfaces.


Opti-Coat Pro is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts.
The Opti-Coat Pro pre-polymer cross links, and forms a continuous protective film on the painted surface it is applied to, similar to a single component isocyanate that forms a clear coat finish.
Opti-Coat Pro has better chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint coating in use. It provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints and can also be used to protect metal and hard plastic surfaces.

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Opti-Coat Pro Plus Delivers More Gloss & Greater Protection!
The Opti-Coat Pro Plus Ceramic Paint Protection package now delivers even more gloss and slickness than ever before, while still maintaining the same chemical structure that has made it renowned as the ultimate protective paint coating.
The advanced formulation not only delivers amazing gloss and protection, it also provides increased anti water spotting and hydrophobic properties to maintain the perfect finish in the long term.
Opti-Coat Pro Plus is an enhanced 2 step version of Opti-Coat Pro. The first step, Opti-Coat Pro, is a ceramic clear coating with superior resistance to scratching, chemical etching, fading due to UV and provides outstanding release properties. Opti-Coat Pro Plus adds great gloss and slickness for a fantastic shine and long term paint protection with a 7 year warranty.

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Superhydrophobic, Long-term Protection.
Opti-Guard Fabric creates a superhydrophobic coating to protect fabric seats, carpets, fabric convertible tops and other textile surfaces. When liquids come in contact with Opti-Guard Fabric and closed loop textiles, the surface repels the substance and liquids roll off without penetrating or staining the material. Additionally, for materials with an open structure such as plush carpets where liquids are able to penetrate the surface, the coating prevents any penetration of the fibers and permanent staining of the material.
How Does it Work?
Opti-Guard Fabric forms a strong bond with the fibers to prevent removal during cleaning. This bond between the substrate and the coating creates a surface that produces a very high contact angle when in contact with liquids. Due to this extremely high contact angle, liquids are unable to attach or penetrate the fibers and are repelled in droplets. When combined with Optimum Fabric Cleaner & Protectant, the Opti-Guard system provides permanent protection for these surfaces.

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Maximum UV Protection for Leather & Vinyl
Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl creates a hydrophobic coating with concentrated UV absorbers to protect leather seats and dashboards from premature aging, cracking, and other damage such as color transfer and staining of leather seats.
Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl is an acrylic hybrid resin that creates a strong, yet flexible coating for these softer surfaces and high resistance to chemicals. The coating contains special matting agents to maintain the original factory appearance of the surface it is applied to.

How Does it Work?
Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl is applied liberally to the surface and left to be absorbed by the substrate. The resin penetrates the surface to produce a permanent bond within the material. This is particularly important for leather seats that are subjected to constant wear and abrasion. As the coating soaks deep within the leather, it is resistant to be removed through normal use.

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Improve Driver Visibility with Opti-Glass Pro!
Optimum Opti-Glass Pro is designed to chemically bond to silica based surfaces to form a durable, hydrophobic coating that provides long term protection to glass and other silica based surfaces and to increase chip resistance, scratch and mar resistance and protect from water staining.
Opti-Glass Pro provides increased chip resistance and will dramatically improve the drivers vision when driving in poor weather conditions with water being repelled from the surface at significantly lower speed than other products on the market. Opti-Glass Pro provides unmatched durability with multi-year protection.

How Does it Work?
Opti-Glass Pro works by creating an extremely high contact angle between the glass surface and water. This superhydrophobic surface means that the water droplets struggle to cling to the windscreen and roll off or are blown off as air passes over the vehicle. This enhances the performance of your windscreen wipers or negates the need to use them at all!
Additionally, Opti-Glass Pro can increase windscreen chip resistance by increasing what is known as the coefficient of friction. This means, as an object comes in contact with the windscreen at speed, it is more likely to be deflected than to damage the glass.

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Protect New, or Restore Old & Faded Plastic!
Opti-Trim is a revolutionary two part system, to permanently solve the ongoing issue of faded plastic trim. Unlike other coatings that are limited in their lifespan and ability to prevent oxidation, Opti-Trim contains high levels of UV absorbers to help prevent future fading and provide a long term solution.
Opti-Trim Protect is a clear, hybrid resin coating to help prevent new plastic trim from future fading due to UV exposure. For new cars, choose Opti-Trim Protect to enhance or maintain the factory appearance of your plastic trim.
Opti-Trim Restore is a durable, hybrid resin coating containing special dye additives to restore faded and oxidised trim back to a like new, factory appearance. For older vehicles suffering from damaged trim due to UV exposure, choose Opti-Trim Restore to restore your plastic trim back to its former glory.

How Does it Work?
Opti-Trim Restore is absorbed by the plastic surface, giving back the life and colour taken away from long term exposure to UV rays. The Opti-Trim resin at the same time reacts with the plastic, to produce a chemical bond between itself and the substrate. Once cured, the resin is now bonded throughout the surface of the plastic trim to produce a new, durable surface that is highly resistant to UV exposure to maintain the new look.

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Protect Your Inventory & Your Profits With Paint Guard!
Introducing Optimum Paint Guard, the three year coating designed for professionals!
Optimum Paint Guard comes with a Three Year Warranty and is only available through Authorized Opti-Coat Pro Installers.
Optimum Paint Guard is a ceramic paint coating designed to protect the paint surface from bird lime, acid etching and other corrosive substances. Optimum Paint Guard will produce a harder than factory finish that is noticeably easier to maintain and is more resistant to the paint damage that can occur as a result of daily cleaning processes. Optimum Paint Guard is more chemically resistant than Optimum Gloss-Coat while maintaining Optimum Gloss-Coat’s user friendly nature.

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Opti-Metal Coat

The Ultimate™ Solution For All Metal Surfaces!
Opti-Metal Coat™ is a rapid curing ceramic coating designed to bond to all metal surfaces, to prevent ongoing oxidation and damage during cleaning processes.
Opti-Metal Coat™ creates a protective barrier with an extremely strong bond to metal surfaces and high resistance to acids and chemicals. The hydrophobic properties provide easy ongoing maintenance for all automotive, marine, aviation and industrial applications.

How Does it Work?
Opti-Metal Coat™ has a rapid curing process to prevent absorbtion and premature failure on porous metals. The ceramic resin solidifies on and within the upper surface shielding from oxidation. Due to the silicon carbide structure, the resin is not removed during cleaning and the metal surfaces are protected from chemicals that would otherwise etch and damage the metal finish.
Opti-Metal Coat™ is specifically designed for bare material substrates. Opti-Metal Coat™ will protect non-clear coated aluminum, brass, chrome, and other highly polished metals from tarnishing, oxidizing, and keeps the high lustre of the polish.

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What is Opti coat ?

Forget about the chemistry and scientific words that few understand. Opti-Coat PRO in Real Words! What is Opti-Coat PRO? Opti-Coat PRO is a clear liquid coating that is applied by hand and designed to permanently bond to clear coated surfaces. It protects factory paintwork from damage or etching from water spots, bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, industrial fall out; or UV damage/oxidation – far outperforming traditional waxes and paint sealants currently on the market.

Who is it for ?

Those who want permanent gloss and shine with little maintenance. Those who not only want their cars to stay cleaner longer, but also want dirt and road grime to come off with little effort! This means no more harsh chemicals such as degreasers, wheel cleaners, or bug/tar removers. Anyone who wants the paint on their car to be protected from etching and paint damage from water spots, bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, industrial fall out; or UV damage / oxidation.

How long does Opti-Coat last ?

Opti-Coat is designed to be permanent when applied to clear coated surfaces.

What maintenance is required?

We recommend routine hand washing using Optimum Car Wash or Optimum No Rinse. Paint sealants and/or waxes are no longer needed after Opti-Coat is applied.

Does Opti-Coat need to be reapplied?

NO. Opti-Coat is a one and done coating. No boosters or reapplications are required.

Does Opti-Coat come with a warranty?

NO. Opti-Coat is a one and done coating. No boosters or reapplications are required.

How is Opti-Coat different from other coatings on the market?

Opti-Coat is currently the only coating that permanently bonds with the clear coat to become one layer. The chemical makeup of Opti-Coat and the way it bonds to the clear coat makes it extremely chemical resistant. Opti-Coat is the only coating composed of Silicon Carbide making it harder than other coatings. Opti-Coat reaches maximum gloss after about 7 days and maintains that gloss over time. Opti-Coat has been in use for 10 years as of 2016. Now that we have the basics covered, here is some additional information worth noting.

What is PRO Plus?

PRO Plus is an upgrade to Opti-Coat PRO. It is a separate coating that is applied on top of Opti-Coat PRO.

What are the benefits of PRO Plus?

PRO Plus provides increased gloss and shine, slickness, and more resistance to water spotting. It comes with a 7 year warranty versus a 5 years for vehicles 5 model years old and newer. It also offers increased dirt shedding ability. Opti-Coat PRO by itself does not provide any slickness to the paint.

How long does it take Opti-Coat to cure?

Cure times vary depending on the environment (temperature and humidity).

How long does it take Opti-Coat to cure?

Cure times vary depending on the environment (temperature and humidity). Resistant to water and pH neutral liquids within 12 hours Full chemical resistance within 7 days Full cure after 30 days Most importantly, do not expose Opti-Coat to any chemicals which aren’t pH neutral for the first 7 days, at least. However, the longer the better. This means no tunnel, or brushless car washes for at least a week or two. For the chemist in you Okay, We couldn’t get through an entire blog post without discussing chemistry. Opti-Coat is indeed a ceramic coating composed of Silicon Carbide. Silicon Carbide is used in the production of bullet proof vests, ceramic brakes, abrasives, cutting tools, etc. SiC has a melting point of 2,730 °C (4,950 °F) and is a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness (diamond is 10). Bottom line is, Silicon Carbide is a very strong and durable chemical compound (SiC).