A complete makeover. Give your car a complete new look, inside & out. – Washed, PaintClean &Protected

  • Engine degreasing with steam wash
  • Steam wash of the car
  • Steam cleaning & Wiping of Door Jambs
  • Steam wash of foot mats
  • Wheels / Alloys cleaning
  • Internal/External Windows & Mirrors cleaning
  • Interior Vacuum
  • A/c duct cleaning & sanitization using steam
  • Dashboard cleaned & polished(Optimum Glaze, Polish and Seal)
  • Doors cleaned & polished(Optimum Glaze, Polish and Seal)
  • Masking
  • Chemical spray for scratch less windshield (OPTI Glass Clean and Protect)
  • Decontamination using Ferrex and clay Mitt. (Optimum Ultra Clay Mitt)& (OptiFerrex)
  • Machine Compounding (Optimum Compounding II)
  • Glazing + Swirl mark removal using D.A Polisher. (Zentool Polisher)
  • Body steam Premium waxing(Optimum Car Wax)
  • Application of Hyper Seal (Sio2 coating Teflon)
  • Removal of all hard water marks and mineral deposit using MDR. (OPTI-COAT MDR)
  • Application of metal, logo and chrome polish.(Optimum Metal Polish)
  • Car Perfume spray
  • Tyres Polished (Opti Bond Tire Gel)
  • Exterior plastic parts polished(Optimum Glaze, Polish and Seal)