Xstream Packages

Paint Protection AKA (Teflon Coating )

A complete makeover. Give your car a complete new look, inside & out. – Washed, Dry-cleaned& Paint Protected.

  • All Services from steam wash
  • Decontamination
  • Masking
  • Multiple stages of Compounding
  • Glazing & swril marks removal using D.A Polisher
  • Application of Paint sealant AKA Teflon coating
  • Logo, metal, & Chrome parts Cleaning
  • Application of Premium polish
  • Cleaning of glass
  • Engine detaling

Advance Steam Wash

Give your car a well-deserved steam bath. – The healthier way to get your car washed

  • Steam wash of the car
  • Interior vacuuming & steam clean
  • Engine steam wash, degreasing & polishing
  • Tyre & alloy cleaning with Steam & polishing
  • Mirrors, windshield, window steam cleaning
  • Door & door jams cleaning with Steam
  • Exterior plastic parts polished
  • Foot mats cleaning
  • Rims polishing
  • Ac duct cleaning & sanitization using Steam
  • Car Perfume spray with permission
  • Premium Car Polish application
  • Chemical Top up for scratch protection of windshield

Dry Cleaning

Life’s too short to sit in a dirty seat! – The more commonly known ‘Dry-clean Package’

  • Blowing, vacuuming of interior
  • Engine steam wash, degreasing & polishing
  • Inner Mirror, windshield, window cleaning
  • Door & door jams cleaning
  • Foot mats cleaning
  • Boot cleaning
  • Seat & seat belt cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of roof, seats, dashboard, door pads,
  • floor, seat-belts, boot
  • A/C duct cleaning & sanitization
  • Leather Conditioning.
  • Car Perfume spray with permission

Basic Steam Wash

  • Steam wash of the car
  • Steam cleaning & Wiping of Door Jambs
  • Wheels / Alloys cleaning
  • Steam wash of foot mats
  • Steam cleaning Windows and Mirrors
  • Interior Vacuum

Paint Correction

Get rid of those scratches - The more commonly known ‘Rubbing’

  • All Services from steam wash
  • Dry wash
  • Decontamination
  • Masking
  • Compounding
  • Polishing to remove swirl marks and minor Scratches

Ac Treatment

That new car feel & smell and no foul odour

  • A/C duct steam sanitisation
  • A/C vents cleaning
  • A/C vents cleaning
  • Removal of bad odour
  • Killing of germs and dirt
  • A/C back to good as new

Glass Treatment

Keep good visibility, hydrophobic clean and protected windshield.

  • Dry wash of mirrors, windows windshield
  • Claying to remove roughness
  • Buffing with D.A Polisher
  • Using MDR to remove hard water marks
  • Cleaning the Glass with OPTI COAT glass clean and protect

Headlight Treatment

Make your headlights shine like new, improving visibity

  • Removal of cloudiness, dullness, oxidation of lens
  • UV-formulated sealant application
  • Durability – 3 years.

Logo,Metal & Chrome parts Cleaning & Polishing

  • All chrome parts are cleaned
  • Watermarks removes
  • Shine restoration
  • Mineral deposit removed